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Aravinda Kumar
Fullstack Developer and Cloud Engineer at Bootlabstech


Developed two production grade, cloud-native applications interfacing with postgres and mongodb. Made opensource contributions to ORY Keto. In-Depth understanding of Code Structure and Implementation of several Open Source Projects (ORY Kratos, ORY Keto, Casbin, Temporal, etc...) Good understanding of Go Channels and concurrent programming in Golang. Worked in multiple frameworks like GIN, GORM, Mongo, Casbin and GCP sdks. Microservice, Commandline and Monorepo patterns in GoLang. Repurposed terraform AST to support custom annotations.


Experience working in React Frameworks like NextJS, Docusaurus, Redux, Monaco Editor, etc... Hands-on experience in production grade animations and vector graphics for websites (This website is an example 😁). Good understanding and working knowledge of functional components, HOCs and custom webhooks in ReactJS. Worked in these formats .ts, .tsx, .js, .jsx and .mdx.


Developed production grade landing-zone type monorepos for Azure and GCP. Unparalleled understanding of the IaC Platform, which comes from understanding the Code Repo of Terraform. Developed a custom UI Based terraform code annotations tool for showing error, warning and type annotations. Developed custom provider. Contributed several GCP Terraform Modules to Terraform Registry.

GCP Cloud

Experience setting up Organizational Hierarchy for an Organization with multiple business units, departments, clients and vendors. Lead a team as Product Lead which built a Multi-Cloud Low-Code Platform primarily for GCP. Automated IAM Bindings for developers using GCP Golang SDKs. Worked on multiple GCP services like Cloud Storage, GKE, Compute Instance, Networking (HTTP, Network), Vertex AI, Bigquery, App Service, etc...

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Experience setting up Organizational Hierarchy for an Organization with multiple business units, departments, clients and vendors. Lead a team which were involved in Modernizing and Migrating applications(.NET-Core, PHP and Java) from the on-prem world to Microsoft Azure Cloud. Deployed the applications to AKS throughjenkins pipelines which supported out-of-the-box canary deployments facilitated through Flagger. Implemented a system for automatic Key Rotation for all the Application DBs through AKV. Setup basic Observability Tools (Grafana, Prometheus andELK. Enabled cost savings of upto 60% for Lower-Environments by means of using Spot Instances.

Java and Python

Worked on several frameworks in Java and Python. Implemented microservices in both the languages. Made contributions to open source projects in both languages (jsign and chaostoolkit). Although not languages of first choice, have good practical knowledge. Implemented pseudorandom geopoints generation algorithm in Java and improved the performance of the same using Stream APIs. Worked in modern frameworks like fastapi.

Hobbies in Embedded Computing

RPI enthusiast, repurposed debian to run an automation workload on RPIs using MicroK8S. Designed and printed two layer PCB boards. Understanding of low level protocols (think i2c) and high level protocols (think mqtt). Experience installing and repurposing WLAN drivers for linux kernel, practical experience in BLE communication. Built and deployed several IoS, Android and React Native applications acting as User Interfaces for the Automation Workloads.